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We need smart investment in renewable energy, clean technology and green manufacturing. This will help avoid a climate crisis and create secure, well-paying jobs. Support climate action for a sustainable future.
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Canada must do its part by investing in green manufacturing and infrastructure, better transit, and green home and building retrofits.

Green manufacturing and infrastructure

With the right investments, Canada can be a leader in clean tech innovation and manufacturing.

We need infrastructure investments to build the energy grid of tomorrow, using the skilled workforce we have right here at home. We need a bottom line that measures Canadian jobs and climate impacts when it comes to government procurement.

A commitment from the federal government to revitalize Canada’s manufacturing industry and invest in green research and development in Canada will create hundreds of thousands of good jobs. We need climate action that invests in Canadian manufacturing, Canadian technology, and Canadian workers.

Better transit and zero-emission vehicles

More than 80% of Canadians now live in cities. Today, transportation accounts for a quarter of Canada’s carbon emissions.[1]

If Canada is going to do its part to protect the planet, we need to make it feasible for people to use public transit.

For low-income workers, a broken down bus could mean not making rent. We need fast, convenient, reliable and free transit to get people where they need to be on time.

With convenient, reliable, and free public transit, everyone benefits. Canada must connect people between communities with electrified high-speed rail.

This will link northern, remote and Indigenous communities, and improve accessibility and mobility. Reliable, 100% electric transit will not only reduce emissions, it will decrease congestion and improve productivity.

Canada should also be a leader in zero-emission vehicle manufacturing, so that as demand grows, Canadians can choose a vehicle built here at home.

We need to electrify government fleets, including those of Crown Corporations like Canada Post. Expanding public transit and building new green vehicles is a jobs creator.


Green buildings and home retrofits

We live in a country with extreme temperatures, but our homes and buildings are not built to deal with this. Buildings are the third highest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada.[1]

Canada needs a program that supports green retrofits by providing low or no interest loans and grants. This will help Canadians reduce GHG emissions with incentives for the installation of solar panels, new windows, efficient appliances and other energy-saving installations.

Investing in green buildings and home retrofits will reduce emissions and create thousands of good jobs, all while lowering our heating/cooling bills by about fifty percent – it’s a triple win.